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Deliver ongoing member Engagement and Retention

With The Wellness Program

The best facilities, newest equipment, or latest training apps
won’t help unmotivated members! Give every member the
personal training experience they deserve with AI Coach Welly.

A new way to help your members Succeed

Meet Coach Welly

Welly is an AI enhanced virtual coach, designed to help your members:

  • Set clear, realistic and empowering goals
  • Measure their overall wellness across 10 categories, now and throughout their member journey
  • Follow a personalised workout plan aligned to their goals
  • Stay accountable, motivated & engaged with your brand
  • Get more help, from your staff, when they need it
  • Be successful and stay longer as your member

Designed to help those that need it most

Why is it that some people are successful at the gym, while others aren’t? 

Why do so many people quit, even though their reason for going to the gym is so important to them?

Is it because they’re lazy, unmotivated, too unfit, or just don’t care enough?

We believe that EVERYONE can make their health and fitness journey a success – and having spent decades in the fitness industry, we know that successful gym members have these things in common.

• They set meaningful goals and have realistic expectations
• They follow a plan and train effectively
• They create good nutrition habits
• They have accountability or support

what Does Welly Do?

Connects Via Messenger

Welly "chats" with members inside Facebook Messenger.

Unlike most retention tools that rely on email, sms and phone communication - Welly connects with your members on the platform they're already using every day.

Goals & Expectations

Welly helps members set meaningful goals and realistic expectations to set them up for success.

Just like a human coach, Welly then reinforces these goals back to each member throughout their journey to help keep them motivated and on track.

Baseline measurements

Welly helps measure each member's overall Wellness Score across 10 Wellness categories plus baseline fitness and strength.

These are remeasured each month to track improvement over a wide variety of important metrics.

Effective Training

Welly can provide members with a digital training App, which takes away all the confusion.

The app includes a customised program (in gym, or at home) that is specific to the member's goals, ability and workout frequency. Welly can also integrate with your existing Workout app and digital content services if required.


Welly is the ultimate accountability coach.

Each week Welly will keep track of key activities such as workouts completed, and help catch members that are falling off track.

Members will no longer slip through the cracks and then suddenly cancel - Welly will identify them early and intervene to help them succeed.

This is where the Welly really shines and is why The Wellness program is so much more than just another fitness App.

Real Human Support

Welly is smart enough to recognise when people need support or extra help from a real human.

Welly can notify The Wellness Program support team or the appropriate staff in your facility to take over the conversation and help the member.

This combination of AI and Human interaction is currently recognised as a best-in-class approach.

Want To Offer Your Members A New Membership Option?

Contact us to request more information or a live demo.

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