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The team behind Coach Welly are passionate about making a difference to the fitness industry, one member at a time.

Fuelled by an understanding that it’s not the member’s fault that on average just over half of all gym-goers will not see out 12 months before giving up on their wellness journey.

Beautiful fitness spaces, the latest equipment and well-trained staff are clearly not enough.

Members need support, however, one-on-one support is too costly for some, or too threatening for others early on.

Our founders imagined a world where all members had access to 1:1 support. Where that support translated into improved consistency, better results and long-term members.

The solution, however, could not be another App. While there are a few notable exceptions in App usage such as social media, there is massive reticence to download another App, let alone use it. Research data shows that within 7 days only 10% of those who downloaded an App still use it, with only 27% of users retained in the first day after downloading. (Source: Clevertap)

Coach Welly is an intervention.

Studies have shown that following just one interaction from the gym, a member is 20% more likely to visit again, 50% more likely after 2 or 3 interactions and 80% after 4.

Coach Welly interacts with each member where they already are… in Facebook Messenger or their favourite messenger channel.

Welly onboards them, assists them with setting some goals, sets them a training plan, and then continues the conversation throughout the week.

Welly is the perfect digital coach dedicated to helping every member get results – without the cost or emotional barriers involved with hiring a personal trainer up front.

See how Coach Welly can help you help your members succeed.

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