Introducing Coach Welly

A personalised AI coach that helps you succeed at the gym

Get more from your gym membership and reach your goals with Coach Welly, your new A.I. coach!

Here's How
Welly Works

Welly is the world’s first A.I. virtual coach that will help you achieve your goals and make exercise a regular part of your life.

You “chat” with Welly in Messenger, just like you would with a human coach.

Welly records your goals and workout schedule and can provide a custom workout program inside the Coach Welly Fitness App to help you workout safely and effectively.

Welly motivates and rewards you for good attendance, shares tips and interesting info and a lot more!

Gym Members
Get Welly Pro For Free

Welly Pro is free for members of particpating gyms to try for one month.

You get full access to all of Coach Welly’s features for the first month.

After your free month, you can choose to keep full access to all Welly Pro features for $5 a week, or you can downgrade to Welly Basic, a forever-free version of Coach Welly.

Features & Pricing

Welly Basic


Welly Pro

1 Month free, then $5/Week

Your New

Coaching Fitness Wellness Gym Solution

Use The Coach Welly App For Full-Body Training & Fitness at The Gym, At Home, or Anywhere.

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